Hop Inn opens 3rd hotel in the Metro

True to its promise of aggressively growing its budget hotel brand in the Philippines; leading Thai hospitality firm, The Erawan Group PLC, has successfully opened its third Hop Inn property in the country since welcoming guests to the very first Hop Inn Hotel in December 2016.

Hop Inn Hotel Aseana City, Manila is located just 10 minutes away from the Manila International Airport and right in the centre of Metro Manila’s fast-rising entertainment and commercial capital, Astana City, one of the landmark developments to rise in the envisioned grandest gaming and entertainment complex in Asia, Entertainment City Manila. Continue reading →


Quick R and R in Villa Manuela

So it’s summer and travelling up to Ilocos Norte to hit the beach is always on the list. If there is one thing I can recommend this season, amongst all the pretty resorts we already know, food finds along the road, or grabbing some cold brew just in time for sunset watching, make it a point to visit Villa Manuela. It’s just along the strip of resorts going to Saud beach in Pagudpud, very easy to spot. Continue reading →

Delightful Baked Treats from Rio’s Oven

Owner & mom of two, Karen Janice started baking lactation cookies and brownies a couple of months after she has given birth to her second child Rio in 2016. She frequents buying lactation treats in Manila when she was breastfeeding her first little one, Mia in 2014 which gave her the idea to make her own lactation cookies. Thus, started her own brand named after Rio. She thought of selling them here in Ilocos Norte and a lot of her loyal customers where surprised why she has not been into selling her baked goodness in the first place. From lactation goodies, some were asking for non-lactation versions of Rio’s Oven that’s when she started baking some variants without the galactagogues. Continue reading →

Mary Jane’s Patisserie & Boulangerie

Kitchen Lab is known as one of the restaurants in Ilocos Norte serving top-notch quality & fine gastronomic experiences. They are popular for their choice steaks, pastas, salad mixes, wine recommendations to go with your creatively and painstakingly made dish, and of course, the fancy degustation adventure where you get to taste the chefs’ master(dishes)pieces from all of the flavors they are able to whip up in their laboratory slash kitchen. Continue reading →

SMOKE: Bar & Restaurant with a View

Ilocos Norte is starting to develop its palate and over the past couple of years, its broad appreciation of foreign flair of flavors is surely starting to come up the surface. It won’t be a matter of time when the Ilocanos will be very open to different food fusions and gastronomic adventures. Yet again, here’s another one to get excited about. SMOKE Bar & Restaurant is an authentic Southern American restaurant serving classic smoked & barbecued meat & poultry in a variety of dishes as well as other home-cooked American recipes. They have a pretty neat bar which will also serve really good “mix & match your own” smoothies, cocktails & booze starting happy hours up until you drop. Located in Paseo de Paoay’s 2nd Floor, you’ll have the perk of enjoying home-cooked American dishes with the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Paoay Church as the view. Fancy, right?

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Hop Inn Hotel Staycation & Musik Manila

I always look forward to anything new or inspiring every time Eric & I go out of town. A month ago, Eric figured he just had the urge to attend Musik Manila Audio Expo to look out for what could be in store for our humble music studio business. His trips would always mean I should be there with him. Not that I know a lot about the industry, I do all the paper works and business side of his “hobby.” I assume that going out on his own would bore him to death. Also, Eric was meaning to meet some of his mentors and colleagues during his trainings in the Metro a couple of months ago. The idea of leaving for Manila would usually stress me out. I might only go there there if it were a round trip. I am so used to chirping birds, howling dogs, and the dirty ice cream stall’s ring as my surround sound. Then I asked Eric, “What’s in it for me?”

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Throwback: Backpacking to Vietnam-Cambodia Pt. 03

First things first:
Our first morning in Siem Reap was so touristy. We would not want to miss temple hopping so we started with the most iconic site, The Angkor Wat. Just to give you a brief information on temples in Siem Reap,  it is one of the major places that attract tons of visitors each year. Angkor Wat is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992, while there are around 50 Hindu & other Buddhist temples still standing within the whole area. Most structures have already been collapsed, others covered in moss and large tree roots but they try to preserve as much to rekindle or at least have a slight preview of how the Khmer Empire’s culture has been so rich. 

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